Living and Working with your Spouses and Partners Durring Covid19, Coworking Durring Covid By Body Language Expert Patti Wood, Gives Tips to Co-Working With Significant Other

When you were little you built forts from cardboard boxes, wood, blankets. As a child, you see the need to have your own kingdom a safe space that is all yours where you are in charge. If you can create your own “fort” in your home. When your Coworking with a significant other Space (Proxemics) is important and having conversations, boundaries and rituals around private spaces is important. Personal space or proxemics, a form of non-verbal communication, is the space surrounding each person. Zones: Broadly, the four distinct zones are: Intimate (0-2 ft.), Personal (2-4 ft), Social (4-12 ft.) and Public (more than 12 ft.)
Ideally you need a workspace that gives you at least five to seven feet of space. Just like having a fort that’s yours, you and your partner can each set up sacred kingdoms. Have fun with it. Name your kingdom! Create a Royal King or Queen name. (Kids may willing serfs or invading Vikings. That just the way life is.) So set up the sacred time rituals of your kingdom, such as, “Please no one else socks, coffee cups, and commands” will be brought into the kingdom of the desk.  You and your partner may have sacred times for work and relaxation as well. So the law of the kingdom may be, “No interruptions while I am at the dining room table kingdom from 9:00 till 12:00. There may be a sacred time. Perhaps an hour in the day where you want to be alone as you can be, whether its to work, meditate, exercise or binge-watch. Research shows that  any interruption when we are working takes on average 15 minutes to recover from, so one small request like, “Did you see my glasses.” It can cause you to lose your already possibly unsteady focus. My niece has the upstairs bedrooms from 8:00 till lunchtime, my nephew is law had the basement reck room office till 5:00. You can make the punishment funny, interrupt me and you must pay a price and wear a pair of clean underwear on your head, or you must sing your high school fight song all the way through. Use love and humor to ease stress. 
Honoring these small kingdoms of time and space can help you get through these tough times.

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