Lily Allen & David Harbour's Body Language.

First photo with Dior her in a black skirt.
Here pose here is so unusually modest and shy for a carpet photo shoot. Note how close together her feet are, how tight her arms are to her body and the way her fingertips are nervously interlaced, her oversized top and long black skirt, black boots large black bag protecting her vulnerable, “Ventral Front/Belly Window, her front orientation with shoulder closest to him held forward and away along with her head tilted away from him and demure closed mouth smile. She wants to protect herself from scrutiny, he is facing towards her feet on either side of her protectively and to show she is his, but note his hands are in his pocket. They are both smiling but there is tension. (Is she pregnant here??? Has she been criticized publicly? Why the need to protect the front of her body so much)

Second photo seated at the game, Again we see her sweet modest dressing with the school mark peter pan collar and bulky sweater and hair back while her Knees tightly pressed together, arms held close to the body and gathering security by holding the cup. What I love is that she is leaning into him with her lower body and her outside foot lifted to bring her knees up and touching and resting her left shoulder into his chest and her smile. I just love how unabashedly happy he looks with his crinkled eye mouth open in a laughing smile and his legs splayed out in alpha male manliness. She makes him feel like a hero.

Third photo red dress My goodness she is beautiful here, but she is slightly afraid, note the stiffness in her arm how straight and tense her posture is and see how she is doing a slight comfort clasp with her hand so the front fingers touch and her slightly frozen look. He again has a nice protective foot stance but he is so straight up and down and stiff in his arm around her.  He is still her protector here and loves that role as you can tell with his smile.

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