Will a Narcissist Come Back After No Contact?

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Will a Narcissist Come Back After No Contact?
The simple answer is yes, they will come back till they get nothing.
 Malignant Narcissists are empty, lacking a positive emotional connection to themselves that can fill them, they instead feel they are in a dark abyss. They need to constantly be fed narcissistic supply of other people’s emotions. To them, you are a possession, a source of supply that they can pick up and use anytime. Time for Malignant Narcissists is not linear, its never to late to hurt you and get fed by your pain, it never too late to reach for you to get the pleasure they once had. Because they still feel any pain that ever happened to them as if it is still happening. Think about how Trump still feels that Obama still got more people at his inauguration than Trump did and that humiliation still bothers Trump today as much as it did that day and he still feels the need to change it and seek revenge.

They feel they should be able to reach for you to get the pleasure they once had 
So if you use the technique of having  "no contact" they can feel just as angry at you years later as they did when it first happened, if you hurt them in the relationship they are still mad if you loved them and they liked that, they feel you should always give them that.  They may show this by continually calling to call you or drive by your house or try to come back months or years later with flowers.

Two factors that can help them stay away and not seek contact.
1. You must make sure they no longer get any "supply" from you.
2. You have to hope are fed by lots of other people, so they don’t have to cycle back to you as a formally reliable supply source. So, if your ex has a new gal, as much as you may fear for her future, her as a source of "supply" may keep him for hurting you. If a coworker is now getting his or her anger, that coworker is "supply' and not you.
3. You have to hope they won’t keep playing with you at a distance with actions like smear campaigns, name-calling, and damaging your other relationships as that can continue to feed them so they continue to feel connected and in contact and or you need to not care or give any energy to these actions they do to stay connected.
Consequences to the MN don’t typically work well, but Malignant Narcissists  greatest fear is public humiliation so if they look weak or stupid and their masks come down to others when they seek to recontact that can work. For example if you go no contact but your abuser is still driving by your house you can continue to ignore it and  make it clear to your friends that your abuser driving by your house to stalk to you makes you feel sorry for him, how small his life must be, and your friends agree that makes him look sad and small he may stop stalking.

Will a Narcissist Come Back After No Contact?

There are a few ways it can work, If their last contacts before no contact gave them no supply. You need to make sure you go “grey” giving them emotion, no anger not victim, not passive, not powerful and strong just boring, using a monotone voice and as little expression as possible not matter what they do to trigger you or those around you.
As you go “grey” before no contact if they call to talk about the boring aspects of your day, if they talk d Will a Narcissist Come Back After No Contact? don’t give any feedback. Be dull. If they get mad. Don’t be triggered just say you get it and say you need to go.
No contact has to be complete, no social media or any way for them to know about your life and feed off of it or see to insert themselves in it or destroy it.
If they are in contact with people you have in common you need to trust them not to talk about you to your MN abuser. For example, if something is going well or horribly in your life, your abuser may seek to know what’s going on in your life from a mutual friend and feed off it at a distance. They love gossip. If you can’t trust your friends to not share anything about here is a strong chance your abuser will come back, or harm you. For example, if they find out your dating someone new, they may find a way to falsely smear you with that new boyfriend or girlfriend. If you can’t trust your friends or family you may have to go "no contact" with him or her for at least awhile must either not talk to your friends at all about your abuser or go contact with them otherwise you may need to go no contact with your friends or be very careful what you share with them about your life.

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