Problems With Racial Profiling in Facial Recognition Software, Body Language Expert Patti Wood

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There is racial bias in facial recognition software.

1.) How common is this

1) Are there problems with racial stereotyping in facial recognition software.

Researcher Patrick Grother, said race-based biases were evident in "the majority of the face recognition algorithms we studied." Compared to their performance against whites, some algorithms were up to 100 times more likely to confuse two different non-white people.


Accurate first impressions are formed in the limbic system and based on reading up to 10,000 nonverbal cues in less than one minute. We can form that impression quickly and accurately based on an enormous amount of nonverbal data.

2.) Should facial recognition be used in schools? I don’t think we can stop the use of facial recognition software. We have too many guns and too much violence so people want to protect their children and the companies that make them can get huge government contracts and make millions of dollars putting in and maintaining them so they will lobby for them. It will happen so we need to make it as accurate as possible and take out the racial bias.

Stereotypes that are formed in the neocortex and are based on things like parenting, experiences, social media, film tv and social media and most research shows that impressions based on stereotypes in 30 percent accurate or lower.

What can be done to ensure that facial recognition doesn't show

Research show we form Stereotypes based on skin tone and even more so for facial structure ( Skin and Bones: The Contribution of Skin Tone and Facial Structure to Racial Prototypicality Ratings)

I feel that we need to improve the software to take into considered the implicit bias that skin tone and facial shape make and to increase the accuracy of the software.


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