Body Language in the Virtual World, Training Program to Improve Your Zoom Body Language, By Body Language Expert Patti Wood

Body Language

Create Real Connections in a Virtual World

By:  Patti Wood MA

About Patti Called the "Gold Standard" of Body Language by the Washington Post and credited in the New York Times for bringing the topic to national attention Patti Wood, is a true expert. She creates high energy interactive programs, filled with humor, cutting edge information, and valuable "Take-Aways." She is the author of nine books, and she speaks and consults with Fortune 500 companies and associations. You see her on National TV shows like Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, The Talk, CBN, FOX News, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight. She is quoted every week in publications such as;  The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Refinery 29, Readers Digest, The Hill, Politico, Bustle, Elite Daily, Bloomberg Business Week, Fortune, The Independent, Good Housekeeping, Oprah, and USA Today


What You Will Get


In every minute of interaction with another person, you exchange up to 10,000 nonverbal cues that determine what they think of you and how you will connect. If you have an essential idea to communicate, you need to buy in and ache for a true connection you need more than hacks. This high energy, interactive, humor-filled program will teach you the secrets of reading body language and how to use them to create and deepen your relationships in the virtual world.


Learning Objectives

These will be customized to the group.

·        Making the other person feel safe and open in a fraction of a second.

·        Using three tools to keep you from being exhausted on a virtual call.

·        Gaining and maintaining connection.

·        Reading people accuracy using the four first impression factors.

·        Understanding how the Freeze Flight Fall or Faint response is triggered in our face to face, and virtual interactions.

·        Improving your first impression and how others think about you.

·        Recognizing when you are with a credible, honest, authentic person and when your NOT!

·        Understanding the difference between danger signals and a

attraction signals

·        Using the Primacy and Recency effect in a virtual meeting

·        Encouraging acceptance and agreement of your ideas nonverbally.

·        What's the First Impression of your "BOX" in the Zoom Facetime world.

·        Body Language cues to note when someone's wearing a mask.

·        Learning the one mistake that people typically make when trying to read body language – and how it can sabotage your business and personal relationships

·        Recognizing "comfort cues" that can show you are stressed could make people think you lack confidence or think you are deceptive.

·        Creating rapport with your voice.

·        Understanding the power and danger of Charisma

·        Using insights into body windows to hide or reveal emotions.

·        Getting to the truth and revealing answers from even reluctant speakers.

·        Recognizing what part of the body is the most "honest."




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