Jennifer Aniston Body Language on Oprah in October

I was asked by US Weekly to Watch Jennifer Aniston's body language durring her interview on the Oprah show today. They sent me a little clip at the beginning of the show. Here are the three things I read. When asked if she was breaking up with Vince Vahn Jennifer quickly looked away and said with her voice going up at the end "Noooo." and then she looked back towards Oprah. As she looked back her face was not fully toward Oprah and then she smiled a true relaxed smile. Thease cues don't agree with one another and form are mixed gesture cluster. The looking away and voice going up indicate she is not sure or perhaps even lying, the looking back but eyes and face not looking at Oprah throughout response indicate doubt or deceipt but the full relaxed smile indicate she is comfortable. My read is that she does not really know. As in most relationships she is not 100 percent sure that that are a "sure thing". Two more insights tommrrow. If you have any specific questions about the interivew, email me. I taped it and can read them for you.