GOODNESS How to Deal With Bad People

What are you doing in your life right now that makes you happy? Who are the people in your life that radiate goodness, kindness, humor, and integrity? Who are you grateful for today? Today, who has lifted you up and done something awesome, fun, showed you they worked hard, showed you their talent or who was just plain kind and real to you today?

What work and social activities, interests and hobbies lift you up and make you feel alive, creative and successful? What are you glad you are doing or have done today? Breathe in gratitude for all that is true and good in your life.

Each day I write in a gratitude journal. Some days it's hard, some days it's easy. I write about my friend Rose who can make me laugh for hours on end. Somedays I am grateful for a huge business deal that is exciting and challenging, some days it's long real hugs with my loved ones, warm socks or thin mint cookies. Somedays I write about turning the car stereo up loud and singing with Bruno Mars or going to a house concert with friends and being "inside" the music of Eliot Bronson or The Ghost of Paul Revere, and lately I am grateful for the joy in writing new songs and recording them with talented musicians.

There is a lot of negative energy in the world right now. We see evil and injustice. But there is also a sea change towards goodness. Yes, we are heading towards more goodness. We are noticing bad behavior and saying, "Nope I don't like that." "Stop that because I find that unacceptable." "I choose not to be associated with or do business with someone who acts against my moral values.' That's a very good thing. Bad behavior might have been going on underneath and in the shadows before, allowed and accepted but, right now there is so much light!

Let's be grateful for that light. Don't turn away from what light shows you. I have read and been consulted on so many stories about people doing bad things, but I realized that there are brave, good people that stood up in those stories and said, "No!"  There are so many authentic strong people speaking out and showing what good behavior is. There is kindness.  Let us all focus on the good men and women in the world. And for you, focus on what it feels like to work with and love people you value and trust. Be grateful for them, grab a cookie and turn up some good music.

Look for the goodness!

Take Care,

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