The O.J. Simpson Interview on Fox Was O.J. Lying Or Telling The Truth? What does O.J. Simpson's Body Language Reveal?

Patti Wood
If you didn’t see the interview and you’re wondering did he do it? Yes. I speak on credibility and deception detection.

There is a clear record that he abused her. The police came to the house several times. Most people forget that detail. She was afraid enough to call the police.

In the interview he uses a classic abuser technique and gives his abuse a softer term.
Did he kill her? Yes. While describing the murder he smiles with duper’s delight and laughs. Malignant narsissits derive pleasure from inflicting pain, it gives them a sense of control.
If you watch the interview you my feel horribly uncomfortable. That’s your central nervous system alerting you that something is wrong. When someone says one thing with their words and their nonverbal behavior says something completely different your central nervous system alerts you to possible danger.
In the interview, he blames his wife several times for his bad behavior using the classic victim blaming tactic of a malignant narcissist.
In one of the most horrific parts of the interview, Simpson is “remembering” the blood at the murder scene, and for the first time in the interview as he does that, his nonverbal behavior and his words match. He is uncomfortable. Horrifying.
It took the Metoo movement to increase our awareness of abuse and make the Fox network air this interview.
So what can you do? Listen carefully to your friends and family. Look for signs that someone in your life may be suffering under the Shadow of abuse. Believe someone who tells you they are afraid. Don’t discount their fear. And if you are in a healthy, loving relationship hug your partner right now.

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