Palin and Gibson Interview

I am sitting at the Delta Crown room of the San Diego Airport doing a body language analysis of the Sara Palin interview by Charles Gibson. Oh my goodness. She is SO out of her league. One of the most striking cues is her modified turtle posture, her posture that was so up and proud during her Republican Convention Speeches is now hunched down an her head is protected by her shoulders! She goes forward rather than up - this shows her fear. This is a dramatic shift in our previous images of her. She did had strength in her speeches using her - "We are mad as hell" voice. Here she is talking to the utterly calm and subdued Gibson then her sudden angry, louder than necessary voice as she talks about terrorism makes her sound like she is ready to attack the middle east tomorrow and she will be flying the bomber. You know I rarely editorialize in my body language reads, but this is unbelievable. When questioned about whether she believed the Bush doctrine she paused and tried to use one of her prepared answers but then he kept after her and finally had to define the Bush doctrine on terrorism. She did a side of the mouth tongue thrust at him. Yes she stuck her tongue out. It is obvious that Gibson can't believe she does not know the answers to his questions his voice even begins to portray his irritation. Notice how she shows her nervousness as she begins to answer the tough questions, by kicking her foot. She needs to plant both feet on the ground. Some of you know that I recommend that as it allows the hemispheres of your brain to sync and give you higher levels of cognition. She needs the help.