Clinton and Obama, Patti on Inside Edition

The Political Rumble: Barack vs. Hillary

It was a battle royal between Democratic Presidential hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with body language expert, Patti Wood who discussed the many differences between Clinton and Obama's debate stature.

Directing most comments towards each other, Hillary and Barack heated war of words continued.
At one point in the debate, Clinton stopped to stare at Obama.

The bickering and nasty personal attacks in the fiery Democratic debate are still all the buzz. But the tough talk isn't the only evidence of the intense battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Body language expert, Patti Wood told INSIDE EDITION Clinton and Obama responded to the confrontation in drastically different ways. While Clinton used tense, tight, close-to-the-body gestures, her opponent is big, tall and made grander movements.

Hillary stared straight at Obama, leaning against the podium even during Obama's sharpest jab.

Wood told INSIDE EDITION that any eye contact lasting longer than three seconds becomes a physical attack. She says that quite literally that stare said “I hate you.”

Barack looked agitated when Hillary came out swinging.

Wood says throughout the bitter battle Obama's body language gave off the aura of confidence. She says that Obama’s cocked head, which is a sign of self-assurance.

The candidates continued their war of words the following day by reacting to the televised clash.

Hillary had this to say, “He obviously came looking for a fight.” And Obama continued to speak out against the frustrations of dealing with what he calls “inaccuracies.”

It seems growing hostility between Obama and Bill Clinton may have sparked the heated argument in the first place. But it was the subject of the former President that later provided for the funniest moment of the debate.

When asked if he thought Bill Clinton could be considered the first black President, Obama jokingly responded in stride. “I would have to investigate…check in to Bill’s dancing abilities.”