Tips on Using Skype to Inprove the Quality of the Your Interaction

If you are giving Job interviews, media interviews, attending business meetings or talking to friends and families over Skype you can improve the quality of the interaction and body language by changing where you sit and how the camera is placed.  It is important if you are using a camera on your laptop or desk top on the small computer screen of Skype that you sit back from the camera so people can see more of your body.  The more body windows they see such as the honest window at the palms of your hands and the more gestures they see the better they will understand your message and the more they will feel comfortable with you and like you. You don’t just want to be a big ole’ bopping head.  

I did a Skype interview with the Wall Street Journal two weeks ago about the last presidential debate. I was in a hotel room in Greensboro, North Carolina that day so I only had my laptop. I was so pleased that the producer and tech person liked that I had pushed back my chair from the desk where my lap top was sitting and that they suggested that I put the laptop on top of several books and aim the camera down to get a great full sitting body view.  The change in view is tremendously advantageous.  You now are able to give more body language cues to others and can create a richer feedback loop so there is more clarity; you know not only what people are saying with their words but also what they feel.

View My Skype Interview from Greensboro for the Wall Street Journal Below!

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