Do Dogs Understand Us? Can You Have a Conversation with a Dog?

Dogs Can Understand Human Body Language and if you really look you can read a dog's behavior..

You come through the door and shout “Sparky, I am home" and hear him bark lightly.

Sparky comes running to you. His head held high.

You bend down and say, "I missed you so much.” and begin to pet him.

Sparky tail is wagging. The tail is down and relaxed and swinging broadly. Even his hips are swinging!

“I missed you Sparky." "Did you miss me?” You say, as you scruff and pet Sparky.

Sparky brings his nose up to your face and sniffs you. He gives you a muzzle nuzzle and licks your face.

How many times have you had an entire conversation with your dog? We talk on and on thinking of course, that our dogs understands every word we say.

There is so much communication that a dog can understand. How many of us feel we have had an entire “conversation” with our dogs without saying a word?

What about the conversation at the beginning of this post? What was the dog saying? Check the next post to find out.
Many of you that follow my blog or have heard me speak on body language know about Bo the wonder dog, my funny wonderful dancing dog. Most of my body language workshop audience members have heard about how Bo reacted my fall down the stairs years ago. My new book has stories about the fist impressions Bo and I make on our daily walks. Bo also checks out any clients that come to our offices and shares his sniffs ,barks and first impressions with me. I have a special love for furry pet kids. I am fascinated by the special communication we have with our dogs. I have written about the similarities and differences in human and dog body language. I would love to hear your stories about special moments when you have communicated and bonded with your dog.
As the national spokesperson for Pup-peroni, I will be excited to share more with you about dog human interactions. I will be sharing posts about what your dog is saying with his body language and what he reads in yours. I will reading photos of celebrities with their dogs and what they are saying to each other. In two weeks I will be starting a national media tour.

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and the new national spokesperson for Pup-peroni.

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