Body Language Cues and Verbal Cues that a Man is Ready to Settle Down

Time is a nonverbal communicator. If a man begins to give you more time in his life for example not going out with the boys but staying in with you, not watching TV by himself but wants to do things with you, not leaving you in the kitchen alone to cook but wants to be in the kitchen with you that's an indication he is ready to share his time therefore his life with you.

Time may seem a small thing but it's actually a big thing so if he's willing to spend his time helping you fix things around your house or apartment, talking and listening with you this is a healthy and good indication that he cares for you enough to want to marry you. Not taking crazy codependent time with you but healthy time with you.

He wants to be in your space or wants you to be in his space. So he invites you over to his place to spend long periods of time.  He wants you on his couch and wants you cooking in his kitchen. Or he, wants to spend time in your space. When we love somebody and enjoy being with them we want to be in their space and/or share theirs.

His conversation changes as he describes you and him and the relationship to you and to the people he cares for. Language style reveals quite a bit. So the use of we and us increasing in the conversation or appearing in the conversation for that matter is great. When you're with his friends and your friends to see how he describes you and how does he describe the relationship. Does he say us and we are going to do this, this is my girlfriend or this is my love? Girlfriend, love and we are all forms of verbal ownership and indicate a desire to be recognized as a couple.

Does he stand, sit and lay down with his arm around you or arm touching you?  The need to and desire to touch frequently is a good indication of a healthy desire to be with you. I want to distinguish this from clingy, hang-on body language and warm protective loving touch.  I have been reading celebrity couples’ body language for magazines such as US Weekly, Life & Style, Okay and Cosmo for over 15 years. I can tell by a man's touch, how he is around her and how he holds her hand what's going on in the relationship and can predict its success.

Does he give you great eye contact? Does he want to look at the love of his life frequently? When he looks at you do you feel loved?

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