The Bachlor, Jake, Vienna and Tenley

The Bachlor Here are my notes.

When They play back a scene of Jake kissing Kinley at the beginning of the show parts of his face and body are holding back. He rests his hands on her shoulders with his fingers spread out rather than pulling her close.
Compare this to the first kiss they play back with Vienna that shows great physical chemistry from his hold her head close to him with the fingers interlocked.

As he comes in at the beginning of the show he show up body language his shoulders are back he is tense and on and happy all at the same time.
When he says that there being there, " absolutely everything to me he shakes his head no." a contradiction between his body language and his words that indicates there may feel some tension about their viewing his choices.

His hug to his mother was wonderful he bent down to her and held onto her really fiving of himself. This helps us see what he is like when he is not "on." How he truly connects and shows love.

When Jake's Mom says she is concerned about Vinea? "Is she the girl that didn't get along? at the beginning of the show he presses his lips together tightly. To suppress how much he negative statement affects him. His full body language response shows really cares about Vienna, not just what his mother says about her.

I thought it was odd that he didn't go to get Tinely, there was so much pressure on her and he didn't ease that tension by bringing her into the room to meet his family and didn't tell her they would ALL be there. As he greets Tinely he gets up and pulls his shirt down, he is concerned about how he looks, he wants to look right, and he smiles but there is a tension there. His voice goes up and tense even though he is smiling the smile is tense.

Mother is so warm and real her voice and body language are in sync she is authentic as his dad with his head tilts, soft emotional voice and warm eyes and he talks with this son and later with Tinely a truly warm and caring man.

814 When Jake is asked Is she the girl you would pick> He says I can't answer that questions and his eyes close in an "eye block" his mouth turns down and he says he can't answer that question and he shakes his head no.

815 Jake Tenses up as he kisses her pursing his lips rather than melding into her.

820 Viena When he greets her on the bench I see his body fully relaxed for the first time on this episode. He lets his body spread out and sink in as he sits with her. He is not "on"
Mother and father and entire family tenses up in Vinea presence.
824 But if you look at Jake and Viena he body is relaxes he legs are open he is leaning into towards his arm is up on the couch relaxed there, but symbolically up and around her protecting her.

Lindseys mouth tenses as she talks about Viena
825 sister in law glares with dislike at Viena-- very strong dislike.
Jakes arm comes up around Vienna

As he talks to his mom about Viena look at this arms in front of his body with his fingers interlaced a castle wall as his mother says negative things There is one moment in response that his face got so sad when she said something negative He mouth pulled down so significantly and he furrowed his brow. He was truly sad.

As Larua and lIndsey talk to her they mirror blocking signals. Legs crossed hands wrapped around their kness.
836- Jake is leaning in to her so connected and relaxed.
848 kisses Viena. Paassionate pressing his lips, then just smashing his face and lips into her malign into her.
They are tentative in the mud , Like how in the scene after that Viena gently puts water on him and gently cleans him. Her first real tender moment with him.
Also love Viena voice and body language and words in sync and warm as she says she is "Head over heals, crazy in love with him."

With Tinley on the Boat as he talks about the emotional connection vs. physical connection it is clear from her body language that she knows he is rejecting her. She purses her lips in distaste at his comments she puts her finger in front of her mouth, She rubs the side of her face.
His look of tension as he is talking is evident. Look at his body. There is enormous tension is his neck as he sits as if he is relaxed but his head is pulled back he mouth is tense look at the corners going down . It is not the sun in his eyes he is pulling away from her.
In bed with Tinley This kiss he is acting the kiss but look at his body it is not turned toward her and she is blocking his lower body from getting too close to her with her knee.

When the Jewelry gentleman asks Jake if he has chosen the girl Jake gives him a fake perplexed look and says not. And the name of Jewelry man gives his a tongue thrust showing his dislike and displeasure at Jake for saying that.
Just watched the last two scenes. He really put these girls through it. I really didn’t like how he proposed to Vienna. Why give her the first ring and talk about it symbolizing pain. He got far too much pleasure with “acting” as if he was going to reject her. You could see her sadness. And he just kept going. He didn’t reach out to comfort her. That is not natural for a man that is truly in love and cares for someone. There should be nonverbal indications to her that this is playacting. He didn’t show pain or real tension as pretended to reject her. I didn’t like that.
Also during the proposal he says he loves her but his voice goes high and tense. It could be “proposal tension in his voice, it could be all the cameras, But I would have liked to heard his voice go true rich low and deep. He rushed it. He didn’t keep looking to her to see how she would answer. It was so much about the show.

I did love how Vienna’s body bobbed up and down after the proposal and her acceptance she was really happy, bouncing up and down like a happy little girl.

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