Being a Body Language Expert, Article on Patti Wood in the AJC

Feature article on Patti Wood today in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
Expert reads signs in gestures
Nonverbal cues can speak volumes.
Electronic interaction has hidden messages, Decatur woman says.
BYLINE: Chandra R. Thomas
For the AJC
DATE: December 30, 2009
PUBLICATION: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA)
EDITION: Main; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It seems there aren't many downsides to being a body language expert, but if Patti Wood had to choose one, what she'd say sounds a lot like a quote from the flick "The Sixth Sense." Instead of dead people, though, she laments, "I see everything!"

Decatur-based Wood doesn't have visions of corpses dancing in her head but, known in media circles as one of the world's top nonverbal communication experts, she does live in a space where every smile, gesture, handshake and even the way one stands speaks volumes about who people are and how they're feeling. It can be challenging sometimes tuning out the subconscious messages that most of us overlook every day.

"I believe everybody has the ability to read body language and nonverbal communication, but it takes time to learn how to pick it up," she says. "My friends always joke with me about 'revving up my superpowers."

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