Why You Shouldn't Talk On Your Cell Phone on Airplanes

Why You Shouldn't Talk On Your Cell Phone on Airplanes
The Mr. Mustache Story

I was on a plane as it waited to take off from the Atlanta Airport.  There was a gentleman with a mustache in the row across from me in first class on his cell phone.  Mr. Mustache didn't seem to care we could hear every word he said on his cell phone as he loudly told the employee he was fired.
It was the most heart wrenching and disturbing eavesdropping situation I've ever encountered. His voice was cold, hurried and matter-of-fact. He said sales were down in his region and he felt Sam could do a better job. I could actually hear the pleading in the voice of the employee from his cell phone.
Mr. Mustache said that he hadn't said anything before hoping the sales would increase and that was that, and that he had to get off the phone as his plane was about to take off.  Yes, Mr. Mustache, totally ignored the pleading and quickly said he had to get off the phone because the plane was taking off.

I audibly groaned as he got off the phone and my seatmate who also heard the call said, "Can you believe him?" If I had been in the seat near mustache I would have told him he was rude and insensitive, but going across my seatmate to say that would have been rude of me! My seatmate and I talked about how horrible that was and how unprofessional and heartless this man was.

I want you to remember this story. Remember you do not fire people with a brief heartless phone call having obviously not given them any prior notice. You should not rush a phone call when someone is in obvious distress and let them know you are on a plane publically firing them. You do not have emotional phone calls in public spaces, especially in spaces like airplanes where no one can escape your rudeness.

If you are making any excuses for Mr. Mustaches behavior, DON"T. He may have been a rich guy in first class thinking he earned the right to be rude and heartless. He hadn't. If you are thinking you have never done anything remotely like this think again. Have you ever said something emotional or negative to someone on the phone when you were in a public space? Have you ever said something over the phone or text or email that you should have said in person, but you didn't want to deal with it?
Have you ever talked loudly on the phone when others could not step away from you to not hear you?

Be polite. Be a grownup. Honor and respect the souls around you. 

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