Body Language Read of Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

It's hard not to be tense on the Cannes carpet. (so much travel, and so many people) Nikki looks like a department store dummy/doll. So stiff and in place. What is very concerning is that her arm closest to him, that is actually more relaxed rather than stiff like the rest of her, is not reaching towards him or holding him in any way, yet they are on the same plane side by side. The photo is of both of them, but if you clipped it you wouldn’t know they were with anyone else.  Her stare is filled with pain. His stare is one of resignation. He does overlap her and his shoulder is up slightly to wrap his arm around her but his body is very tense and his mouth is closed and again holding his true feeling in. This couple could be unhappy because of the tension of the event but I would like to see them comfort each other if they are tense do to external causes or help make each other more playful with the craziness of Cannes. 

Happy photo of him in a white shirt grey scarf. I love how relaxed he is. He is leaning in a relaxed way towards her with his right hip laying against the front of her body and his weight over the foot closet to her. These cues combined with his bright lifted smile show how happy and comfortable he is with her. Nikki is all about him in this photo, She is checking in too make sure he is truly happy, shown by her head out and towards him and the check in glance and slightly tense smile. But her eye brows have a nice lift and there is not other facial or body tension so I know she is pleased with his happiness and closeness. I would love to see their hands and feet, but I give this photo a four.

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