MTV interview body language of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson MTV interview 

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Kristen Stewart started the MTV interview with her arms crossed in her oversized shirt her feet running in place as if she would like to run away from the interviews. She was also rocking with her legs crossed away from Robert showing he desire to no want them to be seen as couple during the interviews.

At the beginning of the interview Robert Pattinson touched the zipper of his pants in a cover cue showing he felt that his masculinity was threatened by the prospect of this interview, and perhaps sitting by Kristen Stewart on National TV. Robert then he hunched his shoulder over, hunkered his head down like a turtle and brought his legs together a gesture cluster that showed he was a bit cold during this outside interview and clearly and would prefer to hide out rather than be there being interviewed. Robert quickly followed that by holding his own hand in comfort cue and kept holding his own hand as he extended his arms and placed his hands between his legs as he tucked his held tightly together feet under his chair is “feet retreat.” He held this gesture cluster so that he looked like a little boy about to have to compete in a spelling. He then tried to cover his fear by giving a long be fear by giving a long wide yawn. This is actually a stress yawn, a way of taking in more oxygen to deal with stress and also a way that we show appeasement. For example subordinate dogs will sometimes yawn in the presence of an alpha person or alpha dog to signal, don’t hurt me. The yawn made Patterson look extremely rude though I sure he thought it was rebellious way of showing he was “all cool.”  And Robert said, “I feel very very funny.” Like he did in his last interview on Jon Stewart interview, Pattison quickly took a drink to cover his nervous then rubbed his eye (looking almost like he was digging sleep out his eye) a cue that showed symbolically he didn’t like what the way this interview was looking. If you get a freeze frame of the whole crew in that moment you have this amazing body language shot. You will see that all three Twilight actors are hunched over in mirror matched of each other and the two actors even have their legs spread, feet tucked and left arm resting on their left leg and hand between their legs mirrored exactly Taylor is scratching the back of his neck in a “I would like to fight my way out of here” stress cue. The two guys actually match and mirror each other frequently daring the interview.

Pattinson, says, boldly, “This (the current interview) is not very interesting to watch”  he follows that by holding his cup.

Kristin actually gives a suppressed roar when the first the host says he is about to show a tape of he and Pattinson’s first interview on the MTV awards. When they come back from the clip she is standing up and circling in front of the chairs. She too look like a little girl here. Notice how she stops in her circling facing Pattinson orienting her heart towards him then she leans in toward him and rest her hand on his upper thigh. This gesture cluster shows she still seeks him for reassurance.

They all laugh to cover their embarrassment.

Kristen is really uncomfortable as the host gives the “superlative awards” Kristen bites her nails with discomfort and rocks forward and backward then.

Talking about the Halloween costumes she taps her feet impatiently and a times bending her upper torso over like she wants to throw up. She is feeling a bit sick, and dying to get through and run from the away as the interview questions about her pink wig and sunglasses costume and durring the first question from twitter follower, “What is your favorite scene….” Here I  feel so sorry for the interviewer.

When asked about the headboard breaking scene Pattinson turns his upper torso and heart towards Kristen and reaches a bit towards her.

When talking about taking being asked to take his shirt off during the auditions and refusing Pattinson oddly sticks the top of his hand in his pocket (His hand closest to Kristen) showing he embarrassed but a bit boastful at the same time about how he rebelled against taking his shirt off.

Question, “What scene would you reshoot.” the kissing scene. This is the only question that Pattinson answers without sarcasm. His voice get warms and he gives real illustrator gestures showing what he did and wanted to redo. It felt to me that this response reveals he would like to “do over” in his relationship with Kristen.  as he shows what he will do.

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