Body Language Read of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

The read of  them walking with all the space between them and her caring the suitcase purse. They are both upset, but I don't know if it is the relationship or the fact they are being photographed.  They aren't happy being together in the public eye in this photo. Look at his downward turned mouth and defiant up held chin, his furrowed brow and his left hand closest to her creates what is called a gesture cluster of suppressed anger.  Her lips are held in a "pretremble" about to cry position, her hand nearest him is held tight to her purse and her other is stuffed pushed down in her pocket and her head is turned away from him. These cues create a combination of suppressed tears of frustration.
Since they are not comforting each other through these negative emotions I rate them a 2 on Life & Style True Love Rating Scale.


This photo is so sweet. I love how far she is reaching to keep her hand and her head is lifting up on him I love how he is reaching and bending to put his arm around her in a "prekiss" position. And though he is looking and aware of  being watched his reach is natural rather than posed. ( Her other hand is touching her rear to "self comfort" in the stress of being watched and he is giving her the comfort she needs.  I give this couple a 4 on the Life & Style True Love Rating Scale.

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