What Does Nick Gordon's Body Language Reveal About His Relationship With Bobbi Kristina?

Hollywoodlife asked Patti to weigh in on the body language of Nick Gordon with regard to his relationship with Bobbi Kristina. Read her insights below and check the link to view the video.


He actually stood up very well to that aggressive attempt at an interview. I was impressed with him today. I specifically liked it when he was asked a question about how Bobbi was doing his entire demeanor changed. He looked back and connected with the reporter, his body language was relaxed and his paralanguage (voice) slowed down and became real and warm as he said, “She is doing very well she is standing strong.” He also authentically emphasized the word VERY. His nonverbal response to that statement indicates he truly cares about Bobbi and he is willing to stand up to the media who might question how stable and well she is doing. That was genuine.

Regarding all the strong “No comment” responses to the questions about the relationship his avoidance turning away continuing what he was doing, the strident tone and the quick grimace indicate there is perhaps a romantic relationship. If you are innocent of a claim or if you agree with a question, you are likely to make a strong statement. The “no comment” rather than “We are family and I love and support her as a brother.”

Their body language together today shows only a bit more commitment on his part. Specifically notice how he doesn’t OPEN UP his hand and take her hand in his and lift it up. She again is the initiator and wants to be seen as a couple.

You use to be able to hold hands with friends and siblings, but in the last 10 years we identify hand holding as a signal of romantic and sexual interest.


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