What does a muzzel nuzzel or muzzel nudge by a dog mean?

What does a dog mean by a muzzle nuzzle? A nose nudge can mean “Notice Me", or "Can I have a treat.”
Origin of the dogs muzzle nudge – Puppies nudge their moms faces to get the food from her mouth.
I am like the more than a 1/3 of Pup-peroni surveyed pet parents who feel they have had an entire conversation without saying a word.
My dog Bo comes curls up on a pillow in my office all day. At 4:30 he comes and sits by my desk and looks up at me asking, "Can I have a snack before dinner Mom?" If I keep working till his dinner time at 5:00 he muzzle nudges my hands to say, “It’s dinner time now Mom.”
Your dog may nudge with his nose to be fed, to show affection to get attention.
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