Rudy Guiliani's Body Language

Rudy Giuliani on FOX news Hanity and Comes smiles and laughs more than the rest of candidates. He does this often after self deprecating statements. The smiles are sincere and laughter relaxed so this would seem to indicate that is comfortable with himself. Of all the presidential candidates I have analyzed his gestures are the most sincere. Watch him and notice that the gestures often come before the words. You may have read in my blog before the sincere feelings come first from the heart and then are shown in are body language and paralanguage and then with say the words that reflect them. The order is feel then show then say. When speaking and standing without a podium he clasps his hands together as he collects his thoughts and then opens them dramatically as the feeling bursts out then the words follow.

His mouth: He uses a mixture of smiling laughing and aggressive weapon like finger pointing when he doesn’t like what he has been asked or what an interviewer says. He is not able to pretend or hold in his emotions.

In two interviews he does a tongue thrust, (where the tongue comes out briefly from the mouth), showing his negative feelings as he talked about Washington administration. It was so interesting to see so many Democratic and Republican candidates showing their disrespect for the current administration with their nonverbal cues.
His mouth goes up on the left side of his face showing he is more emotional than rational in his feelings.

When someone expresses freely around the upper eye and forhead and those expressions “match” the lower part of the face hat we “read” them as being more honest. ( A good reason to be careful of getting botox injections)

Gulliani not only shows a lot of expressiveness in the upper eye and forehead the expressions are a match the rest of his face. Humm. Didn’t know till I read all these candidates that he was the most honest.