Talk to strangers- party body language article is below

My mother always told me to “Talk to strangers." OK, I know what you are thinking. She didn't say,"Go out and play in the highway." What she really meant was, "Talk to strangers as if they are your friends." I remember growing up my mom and I would go into Walgreen’s soda fountain for a BLT after a day of shopping. My mom would sit down with a big smile, and the waitress would walk up and my mom would turn to her and lean in close as if she had known that waitress all her life and start talking. But most of all she would start listening. She would look that waitress in the eye, nod her head and keep saying say "uh-huh," and by the end of the meal she would leave the place knowing the waitress’s name and the names of her children. She did this everywhere she went and she still does it. She flirts with the world. And you know, everybody loves it. This one piece of advice has guided my life. Talking to strangers led me to be a body language expert and professional speaker. I think we are all connected and that makes being in the world warm and welcoming.

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