lie to me

So many people are asking me if I seen the new TV series called, "Lie to Me." I have DVR'd it and I will be watching it this weekend and reporting back about it here. In the meantime I am so excited that there is another venue for people to see the power of body language. I am also excited that Paul Eckman's research on facial expressions and deception detection is being shared with the public. For years Paul Eckman was only sharing it with law enforcement agencies like the CIA. Though if you were willing to spend 95 dollars on his academic book on facial expression. (yes I have all his books even this very expensive one.) you could educate yourself. So as I work on my deception detection book I will be sharing information of ways to read people's body language to detect deception. You can find some of my articles on deception detection on my website at and find deception analysis of various political figures here on the blog.