How to use matching body language to calm a crying baby

I am a body language expert. Baby cry to be heard and understood. They are not feeling good, hungry, tired, uncomfortable, in paid, lonely and bored and they want to communicate with us. They will go longer louder and more aggressive in there crying till they know you understand. If you know they are not in severe pain, one of the best tips to calming and soothing a baby is to match their crying. That is match the volume, intensity and rhythm of their crying as you look at them. In a brief moment you will know you have matched them and they will feel heard and understood. Typically they will soften and bring down the volume of their crying immediately or once you match you can slowly while making eye contact with the baby bring down the volume and intensity of your cry to softer and softer and then when it is a whisper smile and they baby will, unless they are in lots of pain soften their cry with you. I have used this technique for years. I have amazed my sisters by getting their children to stop crying in moments and even used it on airplanes to calm a seatmates crying child.
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