Body Language Cues That He is Just Not That Into You

On-the-Rocks Body Language
How do you know if he is lying to you or mad at you?

While he is talking about what he did last night when he wasn't with you he shifts his pelvis position or leans slightly back or moves his position in his seat and/or nervously grips his hands or taps his fingers, biting his bottom lip, pausing unnaturally between thoughts. These cues are not normal for your man to have when he is deciding on a simple night out. If they're done while he's explaining himself to you, they may actually indicate he is nervous because he is making up the details and fears you will know he is lying.

He rubs his ears or his nose as he says he loves you. If your guy is conversing with you and his hands are away from his face until he starts talking about the two of you and then he starts rubbing his nose or ear (and he doesn't have allergies), you might want to notice what is making him nervous. We rub our nose or ear when something doesn't smell right or sound right to us. When your guy is stressed the blood may to rush to his face. His nose and ears may get warm and begin to itch, causing him to unconsciously rub or scratch them.

Here is what you have read in all the magazines, "The next time you ask him a sticky question or he wants to explain himself to you, notice which way he looks. If his eyes move up to the right, he's recalling information from his memory. If he looks up to the left, there's a good chance that he's inventing the answer." It is not that simple. Most of the research says that where you look to recall information is determined by whether your right handed or left handed. And there is also the possibility's your guy may have rehearsed his lie and is remembering that lie when he shares it with you.

He averts his eyes. About 50% of the time the lack of eye contact will reveal to you that someone is lying. Because animosity is so hard to conceal, your guy may reduce eye contact. Shame and embarrassment make us avert our gaze. He may be afraid that just one peek into his eyes will reveal his inner thoughts.

His jaw is tense. Check out the spot where his jaw meets his cheekbone. If his mouth is rigid and you can see his jaw flexing, it's a sign he's fuming.

He covers his mouth with his hand. He may be nervous, he may be afraid his breath is bad, but notice if he only covers his mouth when he is sharing what he did last night or how he feels about you. When he unconsciously obstructs your view of his lips, it can be a sign that he's trying to block the truth from slipping out. In addition, he might lick his lips and look away from you.

He turns his cheek away from you. Occasionally averting his eyes or scanning the room is normal, but if you find yourself talking mostly to his profile, you're in trouble. We give our full face to the person we love and adore. So unless the other half of his face is looking at the Super Bowl you might investigate if something is up if you see this profile only move. Remember, body language cues of deception and anger are not gender specific but these cues my help you discover if he is just not that into you.