End a Relationship with Face to Face Communication

I get a weekly email of a romance column called "Ask a bachelor". The journalist gives her sage advice with hip insight and a funny delivery. One of my favorite pieces of advice is to a 40 something engineer who is analyzing his last relationship. Or rather obsessing about whether the last relationship worked. "Since you’re analytical, here’s a formula to keep in mind for next time: When you’re talking about a relationship more than you’re actually living it, it’s time to pull the plug."
How many of us talk and talk about a relationship to our friends and analyze and analyze the relationship inside our heads when what we really need to do is talk to the person we are in the relationship with face to face? The other person can't read our minds and probably can't overhear our phone calls or text messages and emails to our friends. We have to talk face to face and if you can't do that, then end the relationship face to face not with a mere click of the mouse.