Retouched photos, beauty and attractiveness

My friend Jim is a media lighting expert. He also retouches headshots and other still photos. He takes your photo and turns you into a work of art. I told his I wish he could follow me around all day magically retouching my image. But alas, he cannot. I put his retouch of my last head shot on blog entry, but I don’t use that version in my promotional material. I fear that a client or producer who saw the unlined face in the photo might see me show up for a speech or media interview and say, “Where’s Patti?”
The desire for perfect beauty, the ideal shape, smooth unwrinkled skin, make Photo retouching is derigor in print media. Just look at what they did to Madonna, Katie Corack and Demi More in these photos.
The link takes you to some starteling photo retouching before and afters.
It’s unbelievable. This constant barrage of retouched photos create a standard of beauty that can't be reached by a anyone over the age or 14. In fact, I can even see teenage girls bringing these stars retouched photos into their plastic surgeons and saying, “Make me look like this.” Hummm, if I took Jim’s retouched photo of me to a plastic surgeon...? Excuse me why I warm up my printer. Below is another link.

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