How Dogs Comfort Us. A Story of dog body language

Years ago I broke my wrist and my dog Bo was so wonderfully comforting.
I was walking around for six weeks with my wrist in cast and and my arm in a sling. Bo was really worried about me. I knew he was reading my body language and he could tell I was in pain. Each and every time I would sit down on the couch Bo would come up and lie down across my feet saying nonverbally, "I don't want you to hurt youself again" and "Rest Mommy you are moving to much and working to hard." It was so comforting. In those first few weeks when I was in such pain it meant so much. He also did another body langauge gesture that he had never done before. When I was in pain streached out on the couch or in bed Bo would take his body and lay across my legs so there was no way I could get up without asking his to move and he would look at me and check on me occasionally to make sure I was ok. It was so sweet.

As the national spokesperson for Pup-peroni, I have lots of blog posts with insights into human body language and the cues your dog gives you in dog and human interactions. Check the posts about what your dog is saying with his body language and what he reads in yours under "dog and human body language."
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