More on Should You Make Eye-Contact With Your Dog?

Humans naturally make eye contact to show affiliation affection and agreement. I love to look at my dog Bo. By looking at your dog in safe and comfortable times you can train your dog that gently loving brief eye contact from you has a new meaning. It means, "I love you."
Dogs are unusually sensitive to human body language. When you do make eye-contact, a dog may still avert his gaze. Just remember it is not a lack of love and caring he is just showing you that he sees you as the alpha pet parent. Don’t take it personally as a signal, they don’t love you.

When we go to bed at night, I give my dog Bo a treat from the treat jar in the Master Bedroom. Bo will look at me and I look at him in this little love dance as he waits for his treat. Once in bed, Bo is invited up for another treat. If I look at him to long as I say goodnight he will avert his gaze. If I wasn't familiar with dog behavior I know I would think, “Bo doesn’t’ love me.” Now I know, that when he looks away, he is just telling me he knows I am in charge and he can be the baby dog. And he can happily curl up close at foot of the bed

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