Muzzel Nudge, Dog Body Language.

Muzzle Nudge. A dog gives a muzzle nudge by taking his nose and nudging the face of their pet owner. They do this in greeting and or to show friendliness, I prefer to friendly rather than submissive. Think of the dog using his nose the way a human child may come up and use his hand to touch his mom to say. "Hi there, could I have your attention."

Alternatively, dogs use the muzzle nudge to say, “I’m hungry” Bo the wonder dog does a muzzle nudge to be fed and muzzle nudges my hand to ask me to pet him. If I stop, petting and Bo want more he lets me know. Bo nudges me again, sometimes going a step further and actually placing his nose under my palm and tossing the palm up towards his head or back to let me know where he thinks my hand should be.
Imagine a dog with a great soft-eyed loving look coming up right now and giving your a muzzle nudge.
Look for another one of my blog posts for the origin of the muzzle nudge.

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