Simalarities Between a Human’s Confident Powerful Body Language and a Dog’s Confident Powerful Dog Behavior

There are similarities between a human’s confident powerful body language and a dog’s confident powerful dog behavior. I am a body language expert and currently the national spokesperson for Pup-Peroni dog treats. As part of the campaign, I am examining dog human interaction. There are some beautiful similarities between dog behavior and human body language and at times a new language created as dog and their pet parents work to understand and be understood.

In my body language programs, my business audience members learn that confidence and power are communicated by: Space, Openness and Relaxation

Dogs in turn communicate confidence by how they use space openness and relaxation.
When you want to show that you feel powerful you;
1. Expand your body up and out Head high Chest up
2. Keep your body windows, windows such as the eyes, mouth relaxed or heart,
palms of your hands.
3. Relax your stance and your body’s limbs and face so nothing is overly
tight or tense.

A dog shows his confidence and openness’s to interact by standing his
1. Head high, Ears up.
2. Mouth open
3. Posture relaxed, loose legs stance, weight flat on his paws.

The tail is more complex. Read your dogs “resting tail” to find out his normal is.
Typically a dog's

• Friendly tail is relaxed and down
• Confident tail goes straight out
• Dominant is up and tense
• Insecure fearful tail is low tense curled tight to the body or under.

Again reading the meaning in your dogs tail is important to understand your dogs emotional state. You need to read your dog’s normal resting pose to find his norm. Though there are breed exceptions, typically a higher tail indicates a dominant attitude and low tense tail curl under communicates insecurity and fear. Typically, a friendly tail is relaxed.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional
The Body Language Expert
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