Answers to Deception Detection Quiz

Answers to the deception quiz for the particapants in my Credibity and Deception Detection Program.

Answer Two answers c. Overall Liars have longer pauses, shorter answers and longer times between a question and a response than someone who is merely nervous. but the other answer is D. It depends on their personality type.

1. Answer b. Our faces and eyes hide the truth more easily than the rest of the body. The body, especially the lower portion, is under less conscious control. The feet tend to be the most honest portion of the body,

2. Answer c. Your body language needs to match what you’re saying.

3. Answer c. Keep your palms open. Rehearsed liars tend to keep their hands, especially the palms, hidden and still. Loosely at your sides is all right.

4. Answer a. This is tricky. Leaning toward the interviewer makes you appear open and interested. Liars tend to close entrances to the body to hide the truth. With the exception of the liars lean.

5. Answer c. Be careful of pursing or licking your lips. A smile is the most common facial expression used to mask emotions.

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