Robert Pattison And Kristen Stewarts' Body Language

Expert: Robert Pattinson Loves Kristen Stewart More Than She Loves Him. In Celebs by , on Thursday, May 20, 2010, 12:42 PM (PDT)


Based on these recent photo shoot snaps, body language experts explain that Robert Pattinson is head over heels for Kristen Stewart - and that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings as strongly!

Is Robert Pattinson more passionate about Kristen Stewart than she is about him? Not only has Kristen never confessed that she and Rob are actually together (he has!) but now, after studying shots of the Eclipse crew's recent photos shoot, body language experts say, "Rob, Kristen's just not as into you!"

Patti Wood body language expert agrees that Rob, 24, is more obvious about his feelings toward Kristen, 21, than she is to him.

"Rob has the hand in the pocket with the thumb out, that is a sexual position in men -the thumb goes towards the genital area. It says, ‘I am a man and want to be recognized for my dominate sexuality. I'm the alpha - this one's mine," Patti Wood explains to us. "He is doing a slight lean toward her but there is still a lot of space. Kristen is closed and neutral."

Fortunately, Rob's affections aren't totally one-sided. Although she's more subtle, Kristen's body language still shows she's very much into her leading man.

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"They are like a unit," Dr. Glass says. "They gravitate towards each other - he engulfs her hands and he absolutely beyond adores her. Completely adores and is taken by her."

What about that other guy in the photos? Taylor Lautner, 18, and Kristen were once self-proclaimed besties - but judging from these pictures, he feels like a third wheel.

"[Rob and Kristen] are more of a unit, while Taylor stands back,"

Adds Wood, "[Taylor] is not as comfortable. His chest is pulling out so it makes him seem outside of them."

Aww...poor Taylor! It must be hard to constantly be the odd man out. Third wheel syndrome sucks!

-Kirstin Benson, reporting by Jen Murray

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