A Casual Tone of Voice In an Emergency. Story of Fireman on Scene of the Accident.

Recently a fire fighter on the scene of an accident used his cell phone to video tape the body of the victim, a young girl. How horrible.
I just watched a Today show interview of the parents of the young girl who was killed in the car accident. Yes, a fireman here in Georgia took a video at the scene of the accident.The fireman took a video and sent it to friends. Besides the obvious horror of having someone taking a video of your deceased loved one and treating it like entertainment, what disturbed the parents was the casual tone of voice of the Emergency workers on the scene.
The voices showed no urgency. Certainly the emergency workers had seen tragic accidents before, but where was the urgency to match the situation.
I have written that when the nonverbal cues don't match the situation we feel uncomfortable. This horrible situation reminds us to have a sense of honor and respect.
A year ago

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