Selling Techniques from Patti's Sales Presentation Workshop

The Law of Scarcity – When a person perceives that something they might want is limited in quantity he believes that the value of what he might want is greater than if it were available in abundance.

Action - Limit options.

Narrow someone's options before you present them to him. Conventional wisdom suggests that with more options a person is sure to find something that he or she likes and that will motivate him or her to take action. The opposite is actually more likely. Nobody enjoys being wrong. When you give fewer choices research shows a person will make a decision faster and be less likely to dwell on it afterward. Second guessing the choice they made. Don’t’ create the, "Did I make the right choice?" scenario. Offer no more than three options with two being the ideal. Give a person choices, but not too many. When a person is not given choices he can feel his freedom is restricted and it may cause him to back off.

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