What Your Street Style Pose Says About You

I was featured in "Refinery 29" today, which is a global fashion news magazine. I gave body language reads and descriptions of several different poses of people attending Fashion Week in New York. What's your street pose? What does it say about you?

To Cool to Stand, or Lean on Me
This stance shows a desire to look “Cool, relaxed and chill.”
The crossed feet are a unique cue, typically crossing means shyness or closure, but crossing the feet in a relaxed stance says “I am so comfortable that I don’t have to have my feet in position to flee or fight.” “I am not scared or threatened” The lean to the side also shows an ease and comfort. Only the subtle cues, sunglasses, one hand in the pocket and the other hand slightly covering the belly show her need to keep her privacy.

The walk away or Run Away, or “caught on tape” pose
“I don’t look good enough for a photo”
The feet move first under pressure and this stance, with the toes pointing away from the camera, the bowed head, and the slouched shoulders protecting the heart. The purse covering her stomach show I don’t think I look good enough, I am embarrassed.

The sassy model or look at me, or happy hoofer, Cheerleader leap
This pose shows you are super confident, joyful and love to be in the limelight.
I call this “up” body language. Upward body cues, up in the air foot, raised arms, upward facing palms, chest up and out, chin and head up are cues or happiness, joy and excitement. She loves herself from her head to her shoes!!! She knows she looks hot.

Red carpet, or the slimmer, or spanx my body, Am I ready for the red carpet?
The hand on the hip is a model technique. It lifts the chest up and up and elongates the upper torso making you look slimmer but because of the elbow out also making the viewer excited. (The elbow out creates a danger silhouette alerting the primitive brain sending it the message I am dangerous. The foot cross in this pose one foot protecting the other in a foot hug, show she knows how to pose the upper half of her body but behind the pose she is really not as confident.
She is not quite ready for the red carpet.

The prim and proper, “I know I am good, but you can’t have me.”
She knows how to take care of herself. She is confident but she doesn’t give it away for free.
The head tilted to the side shows her coyness, It says, “Aren’t I cute.” This is a woman who on one hand says, “come and get me and on the other says, but it won’t be easy.”
Notice how this poser is facing straight on to the photographer, the only poser to do so. She is protecting herself by crossing her feet and using her bag to shield her stomach or say shield herself, but the overall pose says I like myself. She is confident in every clothing and accessory choice. See how the belt is given attention and the bag is held at just the right placement to show it off, not to high and not sagging to low or too far in front to protect her pelvis.


Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional - The Body Language Expert. For more body language insights go to her website at http://pattiwood.net/. Also check out the body language quiz on her YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/user/bodylanguageexpert.