Make-up Artist and Photographer for Patti’s New Headshot on her Newsletter and Website

We got so many requests about the details of my new headshot I decided to blog it.

The artist that did my make-up for the shoot was SUNNI.  She is so talented.
Siggers Hair Salon is off LaVista Road on the other side of 285 from Northlake Mall.

Another true artist is Enid Grigg.  She did the wonderful photography and lighting and photoshoping of the headshot.  She is a genius and you should go right now and book her for a headshot if you need one . Enid Grigg is my professional photographer. She has many talents and she has done corporate headshots for years. She did the videos of me on the stool in the black top on my website home page as well as the fun photo shoot I did of different body language postures and what they mean that I did for

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