Patti Analyzes Celebs Body Language for InTouch Magazine

Patti has analyzed the body language of Victoria Beckham, Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele for
In Touch Magazine to reveal what their body language is saying.  Read her insightful comments below!

1. Victoria Beckham

Signature stance: Left leg extended in front and kind of slouches on her left hip, too.

What does this pose reveal about Victoria Beckham?

The pose is very specific seductive come hither pose. The asymmetry sends the message I want to give myself to you, but you will have to work for it. The asymmetry makes you look a little longer and tilt your head so it seems like she could be giving this pose lying in bed. The low slouch and outward turned elbow makes her chest look more prominent and her profile slimmer.
2. Lauren Conrad

Lauren's signature stance: Hand on one hip and slight tilt to her head.

What does this pose reveal about Lauren Conrad? She wants to make her body look more hour glass shaped. The hand on the hip is also a way to look powerful, but just on one side the hand on the hip says, “I am strong, but often the hand and or elbow are behind her. Her feet are often held so close together belies her lack of confidence. ”

Does this pose accentuate a particular body part? It is a way to accentuate the hour glass silhouette.

Is this pose meant to flatter or look cutesy? It seems the hand on hip is a way to make her FEEL more confident. But her head tilt and low placed chin and feet show it doesn’t fully work. She is not confident in her iconic pose the way Beckman is.

What's she trying to convey with the head tilt and hand on hip? The head tilt here is submissive.

Anything else you'd like to add about Lauren's pose? I would coach her to lift up her body and place her feet slightly farther apart to feel more powerful.

3. Lea Michele

Lea's signature stance: Over the shoulder, very sultry gaze...

What does this pose reveal about Lea Michele? I love how she created this perfect combination of sultry and innocent. Perfect for her role and as she has matured so has her confidence in her iconic pose. See how she has changed it.

Does this pose accentuate a particular body part? Yes, her vulnerable back.

Is this pose meant to be super sexy and like a seductress? It's very come hither! It’s seducing by not showing. innocent. It reminds me of the young Brooke Shields sexy but innocent.

Anything else you'd like to add about Lea's pose? Notice that she is showing the back of the shoulder and the back of the ankle.

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