What Your Gum Chewing Habits Say About Your Personality

My work as the spokesperson for Wrigleys spearmint gum

If you are a bubble blower who chews gum to tide you over between meals and use gum to freshen your breath or when you are bored, and when you’re not blowing bubbles your chewing style is steady and methodical then you are a helper.

If you chew gum because you enjoy the taste and you chew with gusto, snapping and cracking, in the same animated and energetic way you live your life and use it to ease your tension and reduce your stress and chewing just makes you happy you are a persuader.

If you rarely chew gum, except perhaps to stave off hunger or when you are working and or concentrating on a project and you chew silently and discretely in a reserved and conservative manner then you are an analyzer.

If you chew your gum slowly with the same forceful and conquering “I can do it“ style that you live your life, and you chew gum to freshen your breath, reduce stress in your busy schedule and keep you going when you are on overwhelm then you are a doer.

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