Body Language Read of Ben and Jen

The photo of them in the blue shirts.  I oddly actually like it. They have really nice melding hand hold though they are far apart and she is a step back, he is looking back and adjusting his gait to hers a bit in that moment. Yes he has a upside down masking smile suppression anger, but you can tell it is about the photographer as his body position is protective of her and she is actually relaxed and not responding to his facial expression as being meant for her. She is tilting her head to look at him not away from him!
The other photo is adorable I give it a 5 He is wrapped behind her in what I call Papa Bear position. It's actually a couples sleep position. He is protective and a bit playful. His feet are far apart that is Pappa protective stance, ready for guarding action. He has his elbow out, expanding his silhouette and making himself bigger and he has a playful smile on his face, and his eyes towards the photographers making sure she is safe. She is backing in to him and her rear and though her arms are close to her body and her hands are cupped around her stuff, her smile and close positions she is happily  surmising to his protection and strength.  

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