Hello Honey, I'm Home!

Hello Honey, I'm Home!

Every week when I fly home back to Atlanta I eavesdrop on people being greeted by their families and I listen to their voices and I watch them reach out their arms kiss, hug and show their love.  It's amazing and reminds me how sweet, fabulous and wonderful love is.

This has happened a lot but I'll tell you about one particular story.

I was watching a businessman come down the aisle of the plane looking like a weary soldier.
He  seemed really exhausted and overwhelmed as he sat down and as we flew the three hours from Albuquerque to Atlanta he worked on his computer,  getting out receipts and opening up excel spread sheets and going through tons of emails. He was working really hard, but it was clear from his slumped shoulders and turtle in his shell head he was beat. Then as soon as our plane landed he got out his cell phone and got on the phone with his little girl and was transformed. He talked in the most enthusiastic and loving voice and his shoulders came back and his head came up. He lit up with joy as he listened to his daughter and responded to her with such generosity of spirit. It was an amazing thing to witness.

Now here is something amazing. I have seen business men do this a least two dozen times on my weekly flights. As soon as they land after a long flight they get out their phone to call their loved ones.  It reminds me of the power of love to transform us and I hope it also reminds you that you communicate with your actions. If your first thought getting home is to call your family,
you are putting the most important part of your life first. 

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