Clip from a great movie, "I'll See You In My Dreams" My favorite movie at the Atlanta Film Festival

A Movie Review of  "I'll See You In My Dreams" 
It is a rare treat to see a movie about nice people. A movie with the title character that is a woman of depth and not just over 25 but over 70! It's rare to see a great film that is about friendship, love, and loss, and not about a murderer, druggie, weird loner, sex addict, immature loser, or narcissist. A movie starring a single woman that does not make her deceased husband or the guy she is dating a jerk! Thank God for this funny, and touching movie that lets me know that we can still find a movie about tenderness. I saw a row of 20 year old guys and 40 year old lighting engineers laugh really hard during this movie, so don't mistake it for a chick flick. It was written and directed by the 30 year old Brett Haley, (yes a guy). Brett shared with us at Q&A after the film at the Atlanta Film Festival that they did the whole film in 18 days on a budget of $450,000. That is absolutely amazing! Note the final song sung in the film written by the sound guy on the movie, its absolutely perfect. The film will be in limited release in theaters in May of 2015.

The body language and other nonverbal communication is wonderful in this clip. Notice Sam's eye contact. His eyes linger on her and he smiles. He truly sees her. Notice how she touches her clothing in self comfort as she asks if she is dressed appropriately.

If you see the movie in its entirety notice the silences. There are very few movies these days that are comfortable having characters interact in a long intimate sometimes exquisitely comfortable or painfully awkward silence. (Unless one of the characters has a gun and is hunting the other one!)
When I taught body language at Florida State each semester I had my students write a one page paper on how silence was used to communicate in one of their relationships. I read 100 fascinating papers each semester!  Think about how you or your loved ones and or work mates use silence to communicate.

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