How Hitler Came Up With Sig Heil and his "Fight Song."

Something rather disturbing and funny is that Hitler got the idea for his “fight song” and salute from American football. Specifically the cheerleading and Harvard’s fight song. Watching Recordings of American Football led Hitler to hear the "rah rah rah" and use what once was a warm greeting, be “Sieg Heil”  into a rousing salute. Yes, he watched tapes of American football in the 1920’s.  It is interesting that the nonverbal  frenzy that is whipped up in football stadium appealed to him and he wanted. The nonverbal principal  “ISOPRAXISM” explains why the shout was so rousing. In nature animals, including humans are pulled to the strongest energy. ISOPRAXISM explains why fish swim together, birds fly in formation,  the wave in American football and  is related to Mob behavior.

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