Body Language Read of The Weeknd and Bella

This photo looks staged by them to make them look cool.
He has the oddest stare forward as if he is posing for an old time sepia photograph and he has been told “Don’t smile,  freeze and count to twenty.” His stiff posture and awkward outside arm out hand resting on fingers upside down show a lack of comfort and a desire to pose. The arm around her with the knuckles pulled back and way from her also show a lack of comfort with her.
Bella rests her hand on his shoulder as if she is showing off her nails rather than her connection to him, and her “I am over it” gaze and upper body pulled away from him are trying to show that there is not a connection, but again it is staged.  I know they are posing, but they are touching.
I give it a three on the True Love Scale.

Here we see their real impishness. Look how Bella is curled around him as she holds his arm and rests her cheek on his shoulders. Her smile is relaxed and sweet. He not only turns to her, (unusual for a guy at a basketball game) he wants to see her face and her reaction. He is into her and his fingers spread out on her leg show his desire for her. This is both a sweet and a hot photo.
I give it a five on the True Love Scale.

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