Keisha Knight pulliam's Body Language- What is she Really Saying

Hello. My name is Sydney Darden. I am an intern to Ms. Patti Wood this fall and I am currently training in body language communication and lie deception.
After 6 months of marriage Keisha Knight Pulliam's husband filed for divorce without warning her. The announcement came just 2 days after announcing she was pregnant with their daughter. Keisha's husband asked for a paternity test for the baby in the divorce. Recently, Keisha sat down to do an interview with entertainment tonight and denied the allegations but there are some interesting points in the interview where her body language contradicts what she is saying.

In the first part of the interview she is asked very clearly if she cheated in her husband and no surprise to the audience, she offers a definite “I have never cheated in my husband”. However, as she says this you can see her nodding her head ‘yes’ as she denies any infidelity.

We saw the same thing happen in President Clinton's infamous interview where he said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman Ms. Lewinsky".

and again with Lance Armstrong:

Research shows that we will always convey our true feelings regardless of what we do to hide it.When what we feel does not align with what we are saying, our body finds ways to let those true emotions out and it is completely involuntary.

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