Was Trump’s Apology during the second debates / town hall meeting,real and sincere?

Trump’s Apology during the second debates / town hall meeting.

No not a sincere apology. In fact he labeled it permissible OK normal and acceptable by labeling it as locker room talk. He wanted that to stick in our minds and did so by vocally emphasizing it with over articulation and slowing down and repeating it. For recently married man to boast about assaulting women, and to boast to a newscaster speaks of an immense sense of entitlement and a lack of control. Most people are careful what they say in front of a reporter. Again he was not in a locker room with his pals he was in a news van with a reporter.
If a future leader says that this behavior is OK because it only goes on in locker rooms he is saying when men are in private its normal and ok to denigrate women. 

An apology is always interesting for what it says but also for what it does not say. He did not say that he had changed as a person. He did not say I respect and honor women and do not treat women that way now.

A real apology does not justify bad behavior by saying some other guy is worse than me.

Imagine saying, “Hey I robbed a liquor store and it was not big deal that guy robbed stores too.”

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