Melania Trump Appears "Tense" and "Anxious" Around Donald, Says Body Language Expert (EXCLUSIVE)

Ever since Donald Trump was elected to serve as President of the United States back in November 2016, fans and non-fans have noticed some tension between himself and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump. During an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, Patti Wood, MA — a body language expert and high energy speaker — weighed in on a series of photos featuring the couple, who wed in 2005 and are parents to an 11-year-old son, Barron Trump.
Melania recently seemed to spark rumors of trouble in paradise — or, in this case, the White House — when she revealed last December that she would prefer to spend the holidays "on a deserted island, a tropical island, with my family." A few weeks prior, a source told Vanity Fair, "She didn’t want [her husband to be president] come hell or high water. I don’t think she thought it was going to happen."
Keep reading to see what Patti — the author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language & Charisma, now available for purchase — had to say about Donald and Melania's body language today!

"What's typical about the post-election photos of Trump and Melania is that typically her head is down. Many times, that may be because she's got high-heeled shoes on. In this instance, they're not posed, they're walking, but here's what I noticed — her walking posture and her standing posture, just because I've been analyzing them for so long, is typically downward.
This is different from many photos I've read of them in the last year... [but] I still see tension in her. I see him still not being present with her — he's waving at the crowd, so he's not having a moment with her — we don't see very many moments where they're connected and together. " 

"This is unusual in that she's holding onto his arm. Also, this is kind of interesting and bizarre to me — I can't really tell you what it means, but typically she's on the other side of him. Couples sometimes have a side, that they tend to hang out on, regardless of everything, but this one, I think they might have captured them in a moment.
She's not smiling. He's definitely not smiling, but I think that's emotion towards the cameraman rather than a reflection of their relationship... She may get mad at him but there is some connection there." 

"What I do see is the fact that they're in what's called the love-v position, which means they're v-ing their bodies towards each other slightly. There's a slight love-v there. I don't typically see them in that position.
This is interesting to me because he actually has his fingers wrapped around her and is pulling her in, so that's an effort to be seen with her as a unit and a couple. The other thing that I like is that she's got a really nice smile on her face and if you look at her fingers, the hand is fairly relaxed. She's been showing for almost a year this unusual tension all the way down to her fingertips, and this is a little bit more relaxed just in this very moment."
"Her smile is pasted on fake — and actually, you see a little bit, just a slight bit of anger just in the clench of the way the jaw is, the tension all the way up to the neck and in the eyes. His is closed-tooth, not his normal smile, doesn't go all the way up to his eyes either.
What is interesting is that she's slightly in front. Now, this is not a posed photograph, but he doesn't usually let that happen in photos that I see of them — and they are slightly overlapping in this photo rather than lots of space between them, but to me they're not truly happy and I don't see what their hands that are closest to each other to be able to tell you if they're connected in any way." 

"If you look at their hands closest to each other, you'll see how she has her fingers curled in and her thumbs straight down and his fingers are straight out to the side — I [often ask], what's the opportunity for touch? What would normally happen? This would have been an opportunity for touch, and instead, their arms are straight down to the sides.
There's no relaxation. There's no openness. Her glance and his glance are both away from each other. They're not in sync looking at the same spot, and there's tension all the way up to her cheeks in her smile and his is a downward slightly smile — and his wave is half-hearted, so again, it's an indication that he's not having any enjoyment of the moment of being next to her."
"This is just so unusual, because if you look at him, it doesn't look like he's getting any pleasure from the kiss — [it's] like a kiss on the cheek from Aunt Betty. If you look at her, she's doing what I call the 'french kiss' where the cheeks kind of suck in. There's a facial expression that goes with that, and this is slightly sour-pursed lips as well. You've got those cheeks in, and she doesn't actually kiss him. She just offers her cheek and purses her lips even with receiving that, and what's also interesting is typically if you really like someone and they bend down to kiss you, his outer arm should be going up over her.
There's no nonverbal queues that would show this is an intimate couple kissing. Now, we might be able to see more if we saw all the hands, but with what we see, there's no pleasure, there's no tenderness shown." 

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