Body Language Read at the NATO Breakfast

Hysterical!!! Read the headline below:

I read Kelly's body language for several news outlets yesterday. Yep, it was all about the breakfast. Sam missed his “green eggs and ham.” It had nothing to do with what Trump was saying about Germany. It was breakfast bummer body language. That Saunders is such a cut up.
When I meet with NATO members I am always concerned about the most important meal of the day. They should have all stayed at a Hampton Inn. They offer a full breakfast with bacon and waffles Because Kelly could have had the waffle woes. I hear they cause, a high level of distraction and frustration and masking smiles and the need to adjust your tie and sip water. I have spent years being objective and scientific in my nonverbal reads. It's so fun to let loose on Saunders humorous excuses. So proud that my body language reads and those of my fellow experts reached the White House’s attention. This is not the first time SAUNDERS has responded to one of my reads. In fact, one read was of her and the next day she was really angry and lashed out at me in the press saying she was not a liar and of course I got death threats. Frightening that body language reads create hate. I am glad my science can point out the truth.

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