Privacy Pods - Hysterical, Troubling and Sad All At The Same Time

My clients are reporting to me that their employees have an increased anxiety about engaging in face to face interactions that are dramatically affecting their ability to do their job. They are fearful of going down the hallway to talk face to face with their colleges and networking or calling on prospects and clients or speaking out in meetings. It is freaking my business owner and my C-Suite clients out!!!

This odd pod is the physical manifestation of how people feel. It's to scary to engage so I will get inside a physical bubble so to protect myself. Several factors are contributing to this social anxiety, increased population and interactions with strangers, technology that reduces neural pathways to the social centers of the brain and not growing up with enough face to face interaction practice and getting coaching and feedback on nonverbal interactions like turn taking, that we normally get from adult child interactions like talking at the family dinner table.

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